NHS PARKING – A Sly Taxation On Those In Need

Malcolm Jones

Proud to be a Straight Talking British Politician Fighting to bring common sense, social justice and honour back in to politics. UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Eastleigh and active campaigner for workers rights.

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3 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This typifies the muddle brained ‘thinking’ of Government, or local administrators. Everything to do with the NHS has to be paid for by us, the public. I am sickened by the Punch and Judy show, otherwise known as PMQs, where we did, and you said ! Ring fence everything to do with the NHS, and keep it out of Party Politics. The Chancellor of whatever Party should only have to state NHS costing for the year is £ XXX to be met by that section rate of income tax. Other costs like infrastructure or OAP heating payments etc. would then be added to the item labeled Health. Accounts would have to be lodged with Parliament from the Health Authorities, and cross party scrutiny given, leading to investigation, but by qualified auditors. All thrashed out in Select Committees. The result should be that NHS does not work on prayers and promises.

  2. Stanley Cutts says:

    Mike, I broadly agree with your comments, particularly with regard to local administrators. With respect to parking charges at hospitals, this is one of the most unfair taxes that hits people below the belt. It demonstrates a lack of understanding and sheer incompetence of those responsible. On the National scale, the Civil Service answer to anything is to out-source it. Then they can sleep easy in their fantasy world of bloated salaries, index-linked pensions and habit of off-loading to others any problem (which comes at a cost). How about some accountability from these people – for God’s sake stand up and be counted – you are working for us!

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Nice one Stanley, and it would seem we are of like mind on this.
    Government is made up of Law givers, and the Treasury, ( when we had any money ! ). It is also the Director of the Civil Service and should be able to direct the staff to the work that is most needed and of benefit to the Nation. Accounts from the many Health Authorities, could be passed through scrutiny of Civil Service Audit Accountants, and any Authority spending beyond a budget, with difficulty with proof of good governance, would then be called into a Select Committee to give reasons, or take consequences.
    One thing is for sure, the NHS would stop being a political toy of the Parties, which is stupid !

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