OPINION: Winning The Digital Arms Race For UKIP

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3 Responses

  1. Mark Starr says:

    So what are you suggesting exactly ? There are Facebook pro UKIP sites but they appeal to the already convinced. How do you get Kipper Central better known and more widely read , the name itself will deter any non UKIP supporters .

  2. Serena Lonton says:

    To a lay person bordering on techophobe like me, this article is brilliant. It stresses the need to play Labour at their own game and steal a march on this form of media. We all have to make the best use of this as possible, but also get our faces out there, as with recent small demonstrations in Gloucester and Bath. Well said.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    An interesting point of view Darrell, and I am sure that it is not without accuracy. As an OAP, I gave up on newspapers some time ago. I now use the news channels on TV, and listen to political promises made, and either discarded or acted upon, so I guess I could be said to make up my own mind, rather than need guiding.
    My wish to leave the EU was made in the 1980s, in the hope of a PM giving the people a referendum, and Cameron eventually did just that, and to his surprise, following the blueprint used by Heath was of no help at all. I voted for the Common Market but found that was not the deal, so at least I have corrected my error.
    I have been a Managing Director for 20 years, and a Shop Steward for 10 years, so I guess I can be called a floating voter. I will not vote Labour now, as I don’t want my kids and their kids having to pay back the loans that will be taken. I take no notice of the Lib/Dems. I do have a problem with the Tory Party, as the Party has shown itself to be hopeless under May, but we do have a very good constituency MP, called Michael Ellis, and would be loath to lose him. At the last election, his majority dropped to 800 !
    I have taken membership of UKIP, as that Party only, mirrored my, and the people’s wish to be rid of EU membership, and is now being frustrated by Tory Government. I told Mr. Ellis that his only danger of losing Northampton North, would be by the actions of his Party. It is a shame, because although he personally wished to stay in the EU, after the referendum he stated that this county had voted 58% to leave, and his job was to represent the people’s wishes.
    There has never been a better opening for UKIP, but PR should replace the FPTP system. URGENT ACTION IS REQUIRED !

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