A Hole in Henry’s Bucket! Henry Bolton’s Debut to London

Henry Bolton will surprise you all

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    We have been through the leadership election contest, some people had their hopes dashed. and we have Henry Bolton ! Since someone has to lead, and we housebound members only have the scant details of those challenging for the leader’s position, I can say that Henry being leader is fine by me.
    An interesting observation is as follows. ………. Enoch Powell was probably the best Prime Minister that we never had. He was a giant in intellect, and could also figure out the future of our country, certainly in the matter of immigration. His one speech, labeled ‘Rivers of Blood’, brought the media onto him like a pack of hounds. It was foolish and unjust, but Powell must have known that it was inevitable. He was also ex Army, entering as a Private, and exiting as a Brigadier, so I guess that his intellect was quite high, right through his life.
    Not for a moment am I matching Enoch with Henry, but they have followed a similar path through the British Army. Some of the retired officers tend to go off and decay quietly, but that is not Henry’s way. What he has done so far is correct, and in good order. He has much work to do personally, and he is heading in the right direction. My vote went to someone else, due to no face to face knowledge of any of the candidates. I can however state, that what I have seen so far has me backing Henry to the hilt. With his direction here, and Nigel’s input as an MEP, I think we may have some force behind UKIP. I hope the finance will be as expected, and promise to donate my little ( unfortunately ), to swell the total. WELL DONE SIR !

  2. Alan Craig says:

    Peter Whittle certainly didn’t leave this listener “uneasy”! Rather I was encouraged and inspired. Unlike mealy-mouthed mainstream politicians, Peter didn’t duck hard issues but defined them and put them clearly out there. Well done Peter.

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