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5 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Why are we doing the medias job for them ? Saying who is to blame within the Party is so negative. Please start to accentuate the positive, and there is quite a lot of positive, or I would not continue my membership.
    Take time to remember how UKIP represented the majority feelings of the British people at the referendum.
    Remember why a scared to death PM gave the referendum at all.
    Consider the lies, and the extra effort made, to keep Mr. Farage from entering the Commons.
    If UKIP members, especially those at the top of the Party, stopped looking inward, and finding fault, but instead turned round 180 degrees and impressed the public, we would certainly be getting to where we belong. Continue the 24/7 fight against the ridiculous continuation of EU membership. Be proud of the nearly completed manifesto, as we are without any doubt very much on the right lines.
    Stop putting the mockers on our future, and that of this Nation of UK/GB !

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      I do actually feel compelled to reply to this. The fact is that the state of organisation within UKIP is in considerable disarray and talking about this openly is part of transparency and democracy. Members deserve to know what is going on and if the Party is being badly mismanaged in this instance, which believe you me it is, then it is the democratic right of members to know. Also, the fact is that the Chair is as accountable as the leader for poor performance and thus should carry the can as much as Mr Nuttall did. If we are not open about these things than nothing will ever change and our electoral performance will never improve.

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        Darrell, I understand you, and find no fault in your comment.
        We may well be coming at this from different directions, but at centre I feel that we are both correct. It is just a matter of blending our two outlooks into fact.

  2. I am UKIP through and through. I do not see anything here to enlighten me at all. You lot in admin have deffinately lost the plot. We in Asfield and Sherwood also ME IN EAST LINSEY helping out my freinds there had some of the HIGHEST % in the country’s REFERENDUM. When Nigel walked away NOTHING absolutely DEAD AS THE PROVERBIAL DODO. LOOK you need to get out and get exposure instead of sitting in that office down south contemplating your navals. I like NIGEL have walked. If you want me and the other work horses back you had better shake things up a lot…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………VET TOM T.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Dear Darrell and Thomas. If I am getting the right feelings about this, UKIP is part way round a dangerous corner, on the road to success. It has to be acknowledged that for a while we have been our own worst enemy, but ask yourself this. – If not UKIP, then who ? What other Party holds the aspirations and manifesto hopes of this Party ? Another party wants to drive us further into debt, and the Government is split with a useless leader. This knackered Nation is crying out for help, and to me, the only answer is UKIP. If you have insight of another party, putting this Nation first, please advise me !

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