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2 Responses

  1. Serena Lonton says:

    HJB I like your style! Really good ideas, so I fear this government would probably not even look at them, but you are so right. There are many homes in disrepair which could be done up to accommodate suitable occupants, depending on the size of the property. The problem is that the “ageing population” is being blamed for everything from heavy traffic on the roads to the NHS crisis, but we all know that although a contributory factor, the main cause of all this is unabated immigration.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Spot on HJB. There is way too much pulling down, to rebuild up-market new properties. Greater London is a prime area where land prices are too high, and social housing estates are flattened for high priced rebuilds. It is also known as social engineering ! As for people of our age, there is little for sale to move to, that is satisfactory.
      Serena, your input is all too correct, and boarded up houses, that only require a little TLC and from a DIY owner, is all too prevalent these days. Incidentally, your use of the ‘ I word ‘ at the end of your input, these days, is almost a word that dare not speak its name. Well done !

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