Soubry: History ‘Will Condemn’ Brexit

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10 Responses

  1. Stanley Cutts says:

    This demented woman is like an itch you can’t scratch. I sincerely hope that her constituents, to whom she has shown breath-taking disloyalty, will vote accordingly at the next election.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Anna Soubry is a would be actress. Have you noticed her body language and gesticulations in the Commons, or group debate, on TV ? Although being well aware of someones views, she has to act out ‘shock n’ horror’ in facial expression. – Tedious ! Although she is by no means the most stupid person in the Tory Party, she is in need of drastic coaching. As far as her being a problem to Brexit. – If that was the best remoaner that they had, UKIP and the majority of leavers have no worries ! It is very unfortunate when someone is elected to the Commons, by a form of democracy, but then turns against the very principal of democracy, when they so choose.
    If the good people of Broxtowe are thinkers, then Soubry should be history at the next election. She is in stark contrast to my local MP. Michael Ellis shared her view on the EU, but after the referendum, stated that Northamptonshire had voted 58% to leave, and his job was to represent his constituents. He is a good Democrat, and constituency representative.

  3. Pamela Preedy says:

    Soubry is a hatchet-faced, *foul-mouthed, *dirty-minded, traitorous harpie and one day we’ll look back on her existence in the HoC as a demonstration of how stupid certain voters can be, and what appalling judges of character.
    ** re her nasty comment about Farage on a live TV Sunday morning politics programme. No one asked her to leave, which says it all about the sycophantic enemedia.

  4. Serena Lonton says:

    It is people like her who are making the situation more and more difficult. If they had just shut the hell up and let things proceed properly, it probably WOULD have only taken a day and a half!

  5. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    A research institute in Ohio has discovered there are 64 million nerves in the human body and right now Anna Soubrey is getting on every one of them.

  6. T.moley says:

    She seems to forget she took that job to act on behalf of the people not her own personal views.If she does then that is the action of a traitor to the democratic Laws of our country. It’s the business people of our country that will decide if it works and where the most economical countries are to deal with….Out of the EU is the only way which using our hard earn cash that we pay in taxes to prop up more than 75% of the other EU countries….That’s why the EU is making it as hard as they can for us to leave. Let France and Germany carry them let’s get on with looking after ourselves first for a change…

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