MAY’S SHAME: £40bn For Brussels But PM Drags Her Feet Over Money For Manchester Bomb Victims

"Clearly not a committed Leaver" - Batten slams May

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3 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Personally I don’t think Maggie May really understands money ! She does on the level of an Accountant, but its use and value to normal voting people escapes her entirely.
    Oh ! I made a boo boo with the election. Have a billion DUP. All is better now !
    Two lots of 20 billion to the EU, coming right up, from goodness knows where !
    Our NHS on the point of collapse ! Never mind, let’s keep giving billions to foreign aid.
    Disgusting terror attacks ! Government will have to pay something, but we will try to trim the amount !
    Our Treasury will move the money, upon my say so, with the backing of my cabinet !
    Excuse me Madam. This money you are chucking around, is not yours. It is ours ! I thought you had a problem with Labour on this very issue, and yet your approach seems to be, ‘ Think of a number, then double it.’ You seem to have your eye on the World Stage, at the expense of the British people, and that’s why you are thoroughly disliked.
    Whatever happens, hold on to the FPTP voting, because if a change to PR was allowed, you might find the Tory Party at the size of the Lib/Dems. Remember, real Democracy might be too expensive, even for you !

  2. John Carins says:

    Disgraceful. Mrs May is at heart an Europhile just like Heath, Major and Clarke. She cares more for the rotten EU than for British people.

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