A Simple Answer to the Ireland / BREXIT Question!

Time to tell them where to get off!

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    It would seem that the UK should be serenading the Irish Republic, with the song ‘ Come and Join Us.’ Irrespective of the mess that Maggie May has seen fit to lumber us with, we should take action to leave, without any payment, and on WTO terms. In other words, a clean break from all aspects of the EU.
    I think that Ireland’s main trade is with the UK, and trade with Europe could be, as it is now, overland by sealed Containers, so why should duty be added, or any change be made for goods to the EU ? – We would be just the overland route for sealed goods to Europe, or they could use sea transport to Europe from Cork or Dublin.
    As for the border with Northern Ireland. This should not be any problem for us. If the EU demands that the Republic has a hard border, then no doubt the EU will provide funds for it. In any event, it will not go down too well with the Irish, being told what they must do, and going against the views of a united Ireland !
    I don’t have details to hand of the financial standing of the Republic with the EU. However I imagine that they may be small net takers, rather than net contributors like us. Anyway, I don’t think that would be a huge financial incentive or disincentive for them, if they followed us out of the EU. ( Anyone with this detail, please share ! ). I see no problem with trade, or people travelling from North or South, but we would have to go along with the EU, if the Republic were to decide to obey EU requirements.
    I do think that an apology is due to Ireland, for our very silly PMs lack of backbone upon Brexit. I also hope that Ireland does not see this wet flapping by May, as a new look Britain !

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