The Irish Handmaiden Of The EU

Leo Varadkar, Irish PM and handmaiden of the EU

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Maybe if the heat was taken out of the relationship of N.I., R.O.I. and UK, we could all benefit, with the exception of the EU. Perhaps having married a lass from an Irish family, I am very aware of why there is an amount of distrust in Irish minds, as there are items in our history, that don’t shower us in glory.
    The future is a long time. ( Irish speak ! ). Now it is possible that projecting deep into the future, R.O.I. might become happy with being European, but as I see it, when we are totally clear of the EU, Irish minds might look towards their own standing with the EU, and could follow our example. If trade is rather dominated by R.O.I. to UK, there could be little point in staying with the EU, and it would bring about in everything except politics, a united Ireland.

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