Etheridge: EU Is Treating Us Like The Catalans! No Deal Is The ONLY Deal!

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    So the EU is treating us like the Catalans. I should not hold that against the EU. I have a door mat, and where ‘Welcome’ was, I now have ‘Europe’ written large. It leaves visitors in no doubt where this household stands !
    UK/GB should have asked Nigel Farage to do negotiations for us, but instead of having someone that knows what is possible, and what is not, we have had to watch two PMs make fools of themselves, and this country, simply because they don’t have the insight into the EU. It is a pity, because most of us know what’s what !
    EU Treaties are to them, The Bible. They are over and above common sense, goodwill, friendship, and even the duty of being sure that their members don’t suffer a down turn in trade. In the light of that, it is difficult to see any sensible reason for membership of this over priced club.
    As for paying to leave, ON YER BIKE !

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