Abhorrent Levels of Corporate Pay In Public Services Are Unacceptable

Malcolm Jones

Proud to be a Straight Talking British Politician Fighting to bring common sense, social justice and honour back in to politics. UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Eastleigh and active campaigner for workers rights.

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I personally have nothing against high payment being given for CEOs etc. who are able to show, without ducking and diving, a success in turnover, productivity, and profit. Shareholders like them, and the general public warm to success in business. Unfortunately, the real turkeys that take on top management, have no vision in business, no new ideas, and ride their job for as long as possible, before everyone wakes up to their total failure. These are spread thick on the ground.
    Without mentioning names, private or corporate, I came across a multi national business, in freight forwarding and storage. The owning, company in Europe, made the decision to buy this business, and brought in ‘Bargain basement Managers’ and upon my checking as a Shop Steward, I found that no action had been taken, nor plans conceived, to find out the costs of operation. Without knowing the costs, it is impossible to plan for profit. My Shop Members wanted to strike for higher wages, quite reasonably. I found a way to be present at the owning company’s shareholders meeting. Much to my shame and embarrassment, the local management decided to offer a ‘special redundancy’ to me, large enough to clear my mortgage !
    I told the other Shop Stewards how to proceed but have no knowledge of what happened, as the business closed. The top directors in the parent, European business, clearly had no control, and were stupid to buy Bargain Basement Managers to look after their interests. With a little digging via Dunn and Bradstreet, and other, I found the amount of salary taken by these top managers, and felt very sick. No ability, but taking out about eight times what their business could afford, and the shareholders seemed to have no recourse upon them, for the losses in share value.
    With this nonsense rife in our own country, action has to be taken, and I suggest that UKIP takes that on board. It should be required, only to empower shareholders, to make reward match performance.

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