Rees-Mogg: Customs Union And Single Market Hurt Poor Britons

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Thank you Moggy for telling it as it is. I tumbled this some years ago, and is the reason why, as a floating voter, I gave up on Labour. Now with Brexit, this makes it even more necessary to avoid that Party. On a different level and reasons, the Tory Party Government is looking like a joke, at top level. The fact of you not being called to cabinet, underpins this. – You might wish to look at UKIP, in the near future, as it fits your views rather better than the Tory Party !

  2. John Wright says:

    Like Mike Maunder, I have long been of the opinion that Labour, far from being a Party for workers, has for many years failed miserably to live up to that description. Was it not the Labour Party, who’s Union led communist shop stewards in factories throughout this land, almost succeeded in bringing this Country to it’s knees? Was it not the likes of Jack Dash & Vic Turner, both communist shop stewards in the London Docks, who time after time brought these docks to a standstill? & Len McCluskey who did the same in the Liverpool Docks, always claiming to improve working conditions & practices, but behind these claims, the communists were busy fermenting ever more problems for our Country?
    These same dockers, who’s pay was near three times that earn’t in Shipyards in the North East called on support from these Shipyards & they came out, hastening the death of so many World famous Ship-yards throughout our Country? Those dockers in London eventually paid the price of their stupidity by failing to support the container Industry?
    It was the Labour Party that oversaw most of the disintegration of ordinary workers jobs?, by failing to curb the communist threat? What a great legacy that Labour would love to forget.

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