Pakistan: In The Grip Of Islamists

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Pakistan is a sorry case of a Nation that is ungovernable. Those in the Government have to tread carefully due to Islam’s hold on the mob, and whoever controls the mob, controls the Nation.
    Take as an instance, the case of Asia Bibi. This Mother of five has been in prison for seven years, and under a death sentence for Blasphemy. The Courts are of the opinion that there is no firm evidence against her, but the mob is baying for her execution, which is kept at boiling point by uneducated Islamic leaders. Several people acting on her behalf, have been murdered. A Nation that is not in control of its Courts, cannot be seen as a Nation at all.
    UK/GB continues to hand money over to Pakistan, that is a nuclear entity, and has been for some years now. Then again, we are not wishing to stop, what we have been stupid enough to start ! It is interesting to note, that from this mess of a country, the now famous lass, Malala, emerged with her wish for girls to receive education. Pakistan is such a basket case, that they have kept quiet about this, probably unhappy that a female has done something good.
    The outworking of Islam, is to be avoided at all costs. Yet again UK/GB is daft enough to allow access into our country of Muslims, along with their beliefs. A toe hold was made some years ago, and we have turned a blind eye, rather than giving permission, of Islamic Sharia law, and no go areas in towns and cities. I would have thought that our Government would have seen what a state Pakistan is in, and taken action to not import the seed of such lawlessness !
    Then again, do we have a real Government in our Nation today ?

  2. John Wright says:

    Once again ( & this time I hope this comment isn’t deemed to be a repetition?) Mike Maunder pretty well says it all! Since we undoubtedly have a government (of sorts!) that is seemingly terrified of upsetting those rabid, Pakistani fundamentalist Muslems who’s disgusting activities throughout our Nation have most definitely given cause for a huge increase in intolerance towards these people!
    Britain has for generations been a most generous & tolerant Country, where regardless of colour, ethnicity or religion, people from all over the World have been welcomed to our shores, but since the oft times covered-up & extremely disturbing & widespread sexual abuse against our young white girls, carried out by mainly Muslim Men, we in Britain now recognise the depths of depravity these imports have brought with them & although our senior Police, local authorities & central gov’t appear to be blindly unaware of what is happening, the people are very aware & it won’t be long before, either the gov’t accept their responsibilities & take serious action against these filthy perverts, or the people will!

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