TORY WARS: Top Judge Slams May Over ECJ

"Clearly not a committed Leaver" - Batten slams May

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2 Responses

  1. Vera wise says:

    Disgusting anti British woman. Go! Get out!

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Maggie May, you have tried to keep all the people happy with ‘Leave, but somehow still in the EU.’ This is not an option for a matter such as this. Agreement to pay a vast amount of money to the EU, when much money is required within the NHS, was always going to be a non starter. Add to that our recent history with Europe, which suggests that they should pay us, and not the other way round, all adds up to you having no support in our country.
    Your foolish attempts to ride both in and out horses at once, has been a disaster. Your only option now is to resign, while you have any integrity left. David Cameron backed the wrong horse, and resigned, so you know what is required. Your time in administration has brought about nothing good for this Nation, and to try to carry on as PM now, is not an option. GO NOW !

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