BREAKING: Northern Ireland Sold Out By Theresa The Appeaser

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4 Responses

  1. John Carins says:

    It has further ramifications to Scotland and Wales. Sturgeon is already using this as a means of keeping Scotland in the SM and CU. May’s despicable actions today betrays her real intent and that is to keep the whole of the UK in the SM and CU. It’s what the Labour lot want and May consistently accepts the Labour argument. Never since the days of Heath has democracy and the 17 million who voted leave been held in such contempt.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This is so disgustingly wrong, that I like it ! The DUP of all parties, can be guaranteed to reject this stupid arrangement, that would be forced on Northern Ireland. Bang goes the majority vote in the Commons. Maggie May’s Government will fall, and at last we will be shot of this inept woman. What comes from the General Election, is another matter, but UKIP must be ready to face the challenge. Go on Mrs. May, just do it, as we would like to watch the slowest suicide in history !

  3. david soutter says:

    Its interesting when you ask of the fall of May to be replaced by ??? Corbyn. For 40 years the UK electorate has voted for MP’s based mostly on party political allegiance and domestic issues. Even in the election where we saw one UKIP MP elected for the first time the electorate voted mostly on issues that did not concern Brexit. So beware wishing or the demise of May, she might be a disastorous as a PM but when you consider the alternatives I am no so sure.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I do agree with you David, but it is impossible to have a total turkey living at 10 Downing Street. We must have better and we need better. If we go on like this, we will be in the position of passing cash to the EU forever, and subject to all their whims, whilst not being a member. As for Corbyn, if the voters are happy for the Nation to go bankrupt, or for the next generation to have to pay off the loans, then I guess that will be their decision. They have UKIP if they are interested !

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