EU TALKS CHAOS: Soubry: The “Perfect Solution” Is To Remain In Single Market And Customs Union

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7 Responses

  1. Ian Edwards says:

    How can anyone but an idiot call remaining in the Single Market (no control of our borders) and a customs union (can’t manage our own trading affairs) “perfect”. This guy is a paid Soros shill and anti-British.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I am sure that we are witnessing the end of Maggie May as PM. Probably the end of her in the Commons. If the Tory Party is unable to wake up, we might witness that Party being of the size of the Lib/Dems. There will always be enough dopes to vote Conservative, as there are people who don’t have any interest in politics, and don’t keep up to date, and have never thought about giving support to another Party. Maggie May has now shown how it is possible to screw UK/GB right up. I am more angry than it is wise to print !
    Here in Northampton North, we have a Tory MP. He is real gold standard as a constituency representative, and I don’t want to loose him. I emailed him with a warning, that as the last election only gave him a majority of 800, he is in a marginal seat and although he is popular locally, he is in danger of his Party loosing his seat for him. Michael Ellis is a very loyal guy, but loyalty has an end stop. – My hope is that he might consider UKIP as a possible home. That way we would hold on to a very able MP, who would be of the correct Party.
    I hope that millions will see the mess that we are in. Consider that the two old Parties have nothing to contribute, and even without PR, our UKIP rises to the job in hand. It needs working for, but so worthwhile. Our Nation is at stake !

  3. Mark Starr says:

    Make your feelings clear about the latest surrender by May

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Thank you Mark. I have availed myself of the chance to tell Mrs. May just what’s what, and in as inoffensive language as I am able to muster right now. It was a struggle because I am more angry than I care to print.

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