EU TALKS CHAOS: Farage Blasts “Very Very Weak” Theresa May

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3 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    First off. I want Northern Ireland to be well aware that this mess is not the view of the British people. You belong within our Union, and that is all that needs to be said on the matter.
    The otherwise pleasant Maggie May, has shown in EU negotiations, that she hasn’t a clue how to negotiate. I remember that I said, ” Give Nigel Farage the job, as he knows all the ins and outs of the EU. ” Her silly politics got in the way of something so obvious. NEVER WAS IT CLEARER THAT PARTY TAKES PRESIDENTS OVER THE NATION !
    Just look at what she has achieved. She called a General Election, and lost her majority, inherited from Cameron.
    She paid a billion to DUP to support her Government. I don’t remember being asked for permission.
    Now she goes against her N.Irish support, by suggesting that they are different to the rest of the British Union.
    Add to this the apparent agreement of paying 50 billion to the EU for leaving. Again I was not asked.
    This ageing bimbo, yes that’s rude but accurate, is taking up space in the Commons, the Cabinet Office and Downing Street, for no benefit to the Nation. She does not command a majority Government. If she is kept in position by her Party, then they will only have themselves to blame, as her stupidity looses so many seats. Keeping her as PM is not an option !
    For the love of all that is good and correct, please UKIP get cracking now.

  2. Myra Shearer says:

    TM “speaks with forked tongue”. As long as she remains in office, leavers will gain not one of what they voted for. I’m beginning to hate the sight of her–and that’s not me. Do you notice how many times she uses the word,”ensure”? The only thing she is ensuring is betrayal of the British people. A leopard’s spots are permanent!! We must remove her and her useless, appeaser pals from office. They have their own agenda which is counter to the will of the electorate who voted for Brexit. She’s a snake in the grass. It’s past time that the grass was cut short to expose the hidden danger. We, the people, are the lawnmower. We must do the job now.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Myra, we can’t remove her, but her Party can ! Problem is that the Conservative Party is a total mess. For very different reasons, Labour is also a total mess. Now I write this with fingers crossed, ( a neat trick with a keyboard ) ! but there has never been a better time for a Party like UKIP to wipe the board with the lot of them ! Check our manifesto, because it is brilliant, and could be sold to the public by professionals. Alas I am not professional enough, but it is what this country desperately needs right now. Not much left of right politics, just damned good sense !

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