Rees-Mogg: Red Lines Are ‘Indelible’ As Davis Refuses To Defend Them

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I’m not a politician, thankfully. I did continued negotiations, but only in business, many years ago now. I am perplexed at the state of play with the EU, and I don’t understand this delay. Domestically we had a referendum, and the good people of UK/GB wished to leave the EU, and that was the job given to Parliament.
    Why are we asking the EU for anything ? Due to the imbalance in our trade, they should be asking us for continuity !
    How much money should we give to EU ? Nothing, we are leaving, and nothing is being bought !
    Isn’t N.Ireland part of the UK ? They and we think it is. If the EU considers a border is needed, they will make one !
    Is most of the Irish trade with the UK ? If it is, then the Republic should open new markets or leave the EU !
    Why are we trying to fix foreign problems ? We could be spending time and money, opening our new markets !
    This shows just how simplistic my approach is to our leaving the EU. There is a lot to be said for boiling down problems to get to the core item. If you get too close to the opposition, and your British, then you start to accept responsibility for their problems. If the Germans, the French and Italians have the EU getting in the way of trade, then they have an easy way out, don’t they ? If they are content to see the British market disappear, as they stay in the EU, then that is their decision !
    We must simplify a problem, and not try to fix other peoples difficulty. Just leave everything of the EU. Shake hands, and salute WTO terms with them, always being sure that we are friendly with the European Nations. JOB DONE !

  2. Bernard Wadeson says:

    I think Mike Maunders, comment says just about the same as all those that voted to leave the EU. In the end the best deal with the EU will be made once we have left. Many countries within the EU rely on UK trade, and the UK will be happy to trade with them , either under WTO rules or a new fair arrangement with the EU.

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