‘Safe Spaces’ And Political Correctness “Increase Risk Of Radicalisation” – Expert

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2 Responses

  1. Aislouisa Nailsworth says:

    A brilliant stating of the obvious-but, because it`s so important it never seemed obvious until you said it,
    Like a fish not feeling the need to describe or feel water, so obvious.
    But this is a great insight-creating all those uni “safe zones” only makes terro more certain and less opposed. No wonder islamic Societies in Universities crave them-and the idiot left students scurry to comply.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Many lifelong beliefs and attitudes are imprinted upon students, during their time at University. It should be a place and a time where attitudes and ideas get put to the test, by invitations given to people with fringe, or off centre ideas, to speak on their topic, and to then take the questions, and contra points of view, from students.
    Unfortunately we see some Universities actively going against that principal of free speech, and I wonder what they are afraid off, or is this to be a fact of dumb-down within University life ? If a point of view is not shared, or is disliked, invite the person to speak, then in good order, respond and maybe rip the point of view to pieces. Also share the presentation and the debate with the public, via TV ! Some speakers will shy away from such invitations, but others that believe in their views will welcome such an invite.
    The pc brigade want to get in the way, ‘in order to protect minorities.’ This has no place in a University debate. If the item is of sufficient sensitivity, then keep it to students only, and don’t have TV present, but still debate the item. Exploration of the item is required, due to a thirst for knowledge, which should be a foundation of all Universities.

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