OUTRAGEOUS: Hammond Says We Will Pay Divorce Bill Even With No Deal

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4 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    A Prime Minister with no idea what to do is dire in the extreme, but now we have a Chancellor that wants to give our money away to Europe ! Are they all going to be employed by the EU, just like Lord and Lady Kinnock ?

  2. Carol says:

    It looks like they are setting theirselves up with a position in the EU, when the Conservatives lose the next General Election. What was the point of a referendum when the Government can do what they want. Hammond and May have both voted to remain in the EU, now their wishes have come true. It doesn’t matter what the people of this Country voted for, just take our taxes and give it away. Next thing we will be letting in more migrants because the EU say so and be allowed to still empty our seas of all our fish. Does this mean we are paying the huge divorce bill and still contribute billions to the EU coffers as well as?

  3. Carol says:

    Will we still have to pay billions to the EU as before and pay the divorce bill on top of?

  4. Roger Goodchild says:

    Unless someone takes a firm hand in these negotiations we are going to end up remaining in the EU being ruled over by ECJ and paying billions into the EU coffers without any say in whatever they decide in the future. So much for holding a referendum, as it seems that the government is going to do what they want and screw the people and what they voted for.

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