Small Business Message To May: Get On With It!!

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Why are we not out of the EU, and opening trade deals round the world ?
    Darrell has correctly reported that small and medium sized businesses are up and running, or would be if our Government got its finger out, and this is a question that all of us need to ask, and get to the bottom of.
    Is the time taken by negotiations, with the ‘nothing is agreed until all is agreed’ a true picture of what is happening ? Or are we getting a load of bull sh++ due to too many people seeing their futures entwined in the EU’s salary benefits ? This is a question that needs asking. With the door open to WTO terms, with no payment and simple leave the EU, it seems strange how a Government can make such a drama, and acceptance of all points thrown at them.
    I am not naturally one who jumps upon beliefs of doom and gloom, all arranged behind closed doors, but the way that all of this is being conducted, has made me wonder !

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