Hookem: UK A ‘Client State’ Of EU Under Tusk Demands

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Mr Tusk, why do you consider that UK/GB is so stupid, low, and all excepting, that we will agree to anything ? Is it down to the ‘negotiating team’ that you deal with, headed by Maggie May ?
    It is within the realms of possibility, that she and they might be replaced. Apparently your boss can see this as a very real possibility, and your sound bites are making it more likely.
    Then there is another of your merry band of highwaymen that states that the EU will become The United States of Europe and any state that disagrees will loose their membership ! ? !
    We disagree, so perhaps you should give assistance to our leaving. Chucking us out of the EU might elevate your position with the 27 member states, and the British people would Thank you !
    If you should ever talk to each other, and decide on a single plan for UK/GB, could you echo the votes of the British people, and ban our membership. This presupposes that you can do without our trade and money !

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