Forget Radical Islamic Terrorism, Trump’s Been Tweeting Again!

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4 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Helen Jenner, Thanks for your input to which I agree. Also Thanks for ”Snivelling Snowflake” that had me very amused, as I had not come across that descriptive before.
    As for Donald Trump, I have not changed my mind on this guy ! I consider him to be a loud mouthed Yank, of limited ability and I would be pleased to never find myself in his company. However, and it is a big however. As a Nation wishing to have trade agreement with the USA, I do not think it is smart to mount demonstrations against him on his visit. Loathsome he may be, but he is the Head of State of the USA, who are our allies. It is that Head of State position that should give him some attentive respect. ( The Office he holds, rather than the individual ).
    I have to also add, that strangely his position, though very clumsily handled, giving maximum anger, is in general my own view on things. Telling Maggie May that it would be better to get on with the job of using our laws to deal with Islamic terror is about right. A few lessons in Diplomacy might be worthwhile ! His ‘Dirty Harry’ approach of ”Do you feel lucky, punk ! well do you ? – Is OK in films, but not to North Korea’s leader, who may well be very limited intellectually, and could cost millions of lives. Once the pin is pulled, there is no going back !

  2. Pamela Preedy says:

    Every word you write is true. I’m so angry, furious, incandescent with rage that I joined Anne Marie’s For Britain Party and hope that so many people vote for it at the earliest opportunity that it sends an unmistakable message to the limp-wristed dhimmis who run things, especially Theresa the Appeaser aka sharia May.

  3. Serena Lonton says:

    How true is this! These plebs should get their priorities right for once – disgraceful!

  4. delivered by Theresa says:

    If we leave out the fake news and constant criticism of Donald Trump purveyed by the poisonous left wing press, and we compare his considerable achievements as President in his first year – then compare them with the total disaster and betrayal delivered by our own Premier (Theresa the Appeaser), I know which one I would choose as a leader.

    We should also then factor in that he is NOT our leader, and I agree – he wouldn’t fit our politics or our British culture – so surely we shouldn’t measure him by that yardstick. We should remember that he is the AMERICAN leader; they elected him and he’s doing them proud. If we must measure him, we should consider his performance against Obama, Bush and Clinton – is he really worse than this lot? I don’t think so, even though he operates the role differently, For example, I think he has the right perspective about radical Islam and unfettered immigration – unlike his predecessors – and he doesn’t give a damn about political correctness! He puts America first. Does our Premier put Britain first? I think not, given recent events in Brussels.

    Helen is absolutely correct about our leaders putting out the completely wrong message after terrorist attacks – we very much DO want to “look back in anger”; we DO want to eradicate those Islamist terrorists and rape gangs who seek to harm us and destroy our way of life, and we DO want our government to identify and deliver the wishes of the British people! At the moment, we’re getting the complete opposite.

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