LABOUR U-TURN: Starmer; Labour Want ‘Easy’ Movement

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Starmer’s comments make it clear, that Labour are happy to go against Democracy.
    Life-long Labour voters, please note because this is what you will be asked to do in voting Labour. – A referendum was held and the result was to leave the EU. That was the Democratic decision of all the people of this Nation. The question on the ballot paper was in or out. It was not hard or soft ! Therefore, voting Labour will mean that you have agreed to be lead against the will of the people, and against the Democratic decision of the people.
    During my life, I have voted Labour occasionally, but the Party has moved now, outside my acceptance of election choice, and the only Party that represents clear Democratic following is UKIP. It’s your choice, but think !

  2. Steven says:

    In other words they want mass immigration which so far has irrevocably changed the demographics of our nation and not for the better. Multiculturalism is European genocide.

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