Can We Talk About Islam?

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7 Responses

  1. Ian Edwards says:

    Well done Lord P. We need you in the HoL.

  2. John Wright says:

    Lord Pearson is quite emphatically right! I therefore ask precisely why Muslims feel they have to rail against, even the remotest references or criticism of Islam, when they regularly parade in our Towns & Cities with inflammatory placards & flags!, chanting aggressively against Christian beliefs, demanding sharia law & denigrating pretty much everything Britain, my Country!, stands for? From where I stand, what Muslims appear to have in common is, in general terms, an outright hatred of my Country, a total intolerance of our several Religions & using our Christian people’s generous & accepting values against us as a weakness , with the unbridled assistance of our Government & Police authorities enforcing any slight whatever?, they have together succeeded in bringing about the very thing they fear the most & this is a reciprocal hatred of all that Islam stands for. Like most white British Christians, whether actively following Christian beliefs or not, we are sick to death of the outright cowardice & subservience of those we actually employ to protect our interests! This group of sycophantic apologists have already damaged our democracy & our integrity & will in the end, if allowed to continue as they are doing, destroy our Country from within. This has to be defeated by whatever means possible? Since we cannot put any faith whatever in those who’ve already set their stall? John Wright.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    People can if they want, go deep into details, and get nowhere. One thing is plain to see, and that is the number of folk in this country, that don’t know the basics of Christianity, have no belief, and therefore allow Muslims to bring in Islam to this Nation. So to start with, yes it is our fault for not having the strength of faith, and Muslims push on with that knowledge.
    Look at Jesus, and look at Mohammad. Jesus was and is God. It was a necessity for God to make clear the way to Heaven, for Jew and Gentile, but the sin question had to be cleared in blood sacrifice, and the mortal being of God paid the price. Muslims think we Christians have three Gods, but it is so simple. – If I contact my neighbour by speaking to him over the garden fence, or telephone him, or send him an email, it is still just me, but the contact is totally different.
    Now look at Mohammad. A man, with no special birth arrangements. No prophesies of his coming. Worked as a camel or goat driver, until he married a rich widow. With money rather than work, he had time to worry out the infinite, in a cave, on his own. Was taken charge of by the Archangel Gabriel. – (Never understood this, why Gabriel ?). Mohammad did no deeds of miracles, and other than killing people who disagreed with him, taught no one anything. Died of old age !
    Islam claims to be a religion. It is nothing of the sort, but it is a lifelong shackle that holds people in fear for thinking, so it is best to go with the flow, and that for generation after generation ! So just who was this Gabriel ? I believe it was Satan, and no I have not flipped ! If you read the Holy Bible, you will find the account of Lucifer who became Satan when he was banished from Heaven. Satan is the word for adversary. – Not ours, but God’s adversary. Since God has an interest in us, then Satan will try to use us.
    Our mortal lives are something of a proof of faith, through which we will follow God, or not. There will never be proof of God because He wishes us to move in faith, rather than proven fact. – This is a problem for many, as it was for me, but I continued to read and eventually came to know, but only by faith. I have never regretted my decision.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      THIS MAY BE NOTHING, BUT THEN AGAIN. ……………. Since putting the above into Kipper Central, I have been unable to access the original pages. It might be an IT issue, but then again my own experience is that Islam and Muslims hate this truth !

  4. Alan, do check your Inbox – 9:17 am today, third section.
    All about numbers.

  5. Dr LIsa Nolland says:

    Thank you Alan Craig for this careful and honest discussion! Excellent post

  6. Pamela Preedy says:

    Good for Lord Pearson. He is asking the questions Henry Bolton should be asking.

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