‘You’ll Be Far From Independent!” Marr BLASTS SNP MP

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4 Responses

  1. Steven says:

    The SNP seem to be a mirror image of Labour, scrap that – all mainstream parties are the same. They have been infiltrated by Marxists who want a global government. The best thing we can do is vote for fringe parties but really we should create an emphasis on restructuring the way voting works t fall in line with proportional representation instead of the severely flawed, undemocratic system we currently have.

  2. Tone. says:

    That useles slob Ian Blackford is the WORST MP ever to represent Ross, Cromarty and Skye. Not a patch on the late Charles Kennedy. RESIGN YOU USELESS MOUTHPIECE.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    It was back at school that I had the friendship of a Scot, with his ‘Scotland Forever’ and ‘Independence for Scotland’. He was well up on his history, which seemed to always come back to William Wallace ! We got on fine, and we still either meet up or chat on the telephone, but he is calmer now of a free Scotland !
    A totally free, independent Scotland is possible, but utterly unwanted, as the Scots would find out to their discomfort. Leaving the UK, but being a member of the EU, probably with the euro as currency, would not make them free, and it is possible that the EU would see them as a net taker, not a net contributor, and would not want them as a member. Staying as a much valued member of the UK, seems to be the sensible way forward, and their referendum on this matter saw their view, to be just that.
    As for the SNP. Well they tried to put forward an independent Scotland, so they had their chance, but failed. That Party is now seen as a group that does not do administration very well, and I think it is possible that the Westminster Parties may take back SNP seats. The SNP will however limp on for some years !

  4. Ian Edwards says:

    Bravo, good expose on the Scotts Nats. Interesting that Marr, an engaging media fascist in my view but that’s personal opinion of his politics, actually seems to be talking more sense these days re the diabolic US of E project.

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