Henry Bolton On Question Time

Marv Hollingworth

Kipper Central Deputy Editor

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2 Responses

  1. Robster says:

    I watched that QT, I thought Henry Bolton took a very sturdy stance against the odds. He did very well.
    However, I think the running of UKIP in the near future is far more a dangerous situation for Henry to be in.
    Somehow, we have to concentrate on getting our popular Voters back. I live in Thanet, where the only UKIP Council in the whole of Britain
    got in, in 2015. There, criticism comes from 360 degrees of the local pop, agitated mostly by ‘momentum’. Before UKIP got in, Thanet District Council
    was described as ‘toxic & dysfunctional’, now, it’s quite a nice place to be.
    Shortly, Jan 18th 2018, we have our Draft Local Plan meeting and vote. This has sort of ‘split’ our kippers into 2 groups. The first is FOR the DLP, the second is very against it.
    The trouble is that there is NO ‘real’ economy in Thanet, and they (Group1) want to build more and more houses in this deprived area. The other’s (Group2) really want the local economy boosted. We have an airport, owned by Ann Gloag, Scottish half Billionairess. (Stagecoach buses) that could very quickly and easily re-opened and re-activated. (why a third runway at Heathrow or second runway at Gatwick) when we have a ready built very long runway complete, here. (It’s all on google)
    If the draft local plan goes through Manston will demise into an un-needed housing estate!
    One of our GE2015 pledges was to get the Airport re-opened ASAP after the election, this plan, by Group 1, seems to have been ‘forgotten’.
    Please, I ask you ALL to bombard Thanet District Council Leader Mr C. Wells and protest against this housing plan, and get on with the job of re-opening Manston as an Airport…. nothing more… nothing less. If this ridiculous DLP goes through, it will truly destroy any future belief that our faithful Voters of 2015 ever had in us…. in other words… the end of UKIP in Thanet!

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