Quiet But Worried – Tory Brexiteer Speaks Out

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    It has to be said, that there are some MPs with similar views on Brexit, as our UKIP. We should Thank them for that. and also MPs who personally wanted to stay in the EU, but in the light of the referendum result, decided to get behind Brexit as a mark of their Democratic standing. – Our Thanks to them all !
    So what of those making difficulties for Brexit. Mainly wishing to bring in a soft Brexit, but also those wishing to see this Nation as out, but really in, and without voting power. Probably the most stupid group of all. – We pay in continually. We take our Laws from the EU. We do not control our borders. Fishing in our waters is theirs. This Nation, not ours any more, but theirs ! Is this the reason for the law of Treason being abolished ?
    If this group pushes an anti-democratic outworking upon our Parliament, I can only warn them that the people will revolt. We have the law, and the moral high-ground on our side, and if the thought is, – The British don’t do revolt ! then check back to 1381 and that revolt. That was against King Richard II. This will be against a useless Parliament, and I may say that the powers of law and order will be divided too.

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