BREXIT BILL FALLOUT: Bolton; Don’t Play Games With The British People!

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17 Responses

  1. Kim Knight says:

    If Threasa May just shut our Borders and declared we have now left and STOP PAYING !!!
    all of a sudden the attitude of the EU will be to come to us begging for a deal which will save Jobs in the EU !! German Car manufacturers will NEVER allow the EU to stop trading in the UK it’s worth far more to them them is FACT !!!

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Jack Taylor is correct, and for the life of me I am unable to figure out why this has not been done already.
    What we want is way beyond the EU’s ability to give, due to their Treaties, and we can add to that the politics of being certain to make an example of us, to show the other member states what will happen if they follow us.
    Now if Mr. Taylor and I can figure this out, quite independent of each other, what is the problem with Maggie May and her team, not understanding this. Leave on WTO terms. Pay nothing. Start trading with the rest of the world. The bitter truth will be, that the EU members will be short of the British market. They know where London is !

  3. Marlyn Coyle says:

    The people of Britain voted To Leave The EU no Deals Just Leave. Now

  4. Anthony Prince says:

    This is a stich up by those who voted remain! As someone who voted leave I will not tolerate the government or any MP who doesn’t respect the Democratic vote of the EU referendum.
    No single market
    No freedom of movement
    No foreign court to rule over our land.

    Out means Out!

  5. Shani says:

    I voted out not half in half out but out walk away we owe nothing

  6. marlene gray says:

    i voted OUT give them nothing WALK AWAY NOW

  7. MP’s are general publics elected representatives, they must deliver what has been democratically voted on, not what MP’s personal opinion dictates!!

  8. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    At least one MP has warned that the back-lash from us, will be something never seen before, and he is right.
    Parliament is ours. The people fought a civil war against King Charles I, in order to be sure of it. It is the place of work for the executive, who must implement our wishes. If they don’t, then we must clear them out, not necessarily by a vote. The people way back in 1381 revolted against King Richard II. If we have to revolt against Parliament due to them setting themselves above the people, then so be it !

  9. Russell Evans says:

    Dragging doen British business

  10. John David says:

    Time for a peaceful March into London and stop everything we voted to leave the E U not do deals gutless prime minister Theresa May is just a waste of time as she was as home Secretary

  11. RONALD BROOME says:

    the petition has been stopped you are not allowed to sign because its getting near 100 000 they dont want it debated in the commons do they that would never do would it

  12. tried from two different sites and not one behave right its a fixed job as normal

  13. James Mc Nair says:

    I voted out so that Britain can take back our sovereignty and finally get away from the EU dictating how we run our country. If we don’t get out might as well do away with parliament all together as the EU want more power and we can’t allow that. Disastrous

  14. silvie steven says:

    There was no option on the ballot paper for Soft Brexit or Hard Brexit nor BINO. It was quite simple Leave or Remain. We all knew what leaving would mean and yet we still voted by a majority to do just that. So what do these people in parliament, that work for US, and in many cases are voting against the wishes of their constituents, have difficulty in understanding. Mrs May on the other did not want to leave, and still does not want to, dont for one minute be fooled by her rhetoric, its all deceptive, psychologically speaking when she gives conferences, her stance, her eyes, her voice, her words, all are showing her to be trying to make us believe what she is saying. Dont believe one word of it. We voted Leave, we must leave, and no matter what we have to do to get that result honoured we must do it. The only party that ever understood what Leave meant was UKIP, and Cameron very cleverly only agreed to the referendum to secure votes in the 2015 election. May thought she would have the same success in 2017 but people would not vote Tory on principle and they felt voting Labour was a vote to leave, now they also know that the Labour party stance on Brexit depended on where you lived. In the South/south east they want to remain in, and in the north/northeast they SAID they wanted to leave but so far our mps have not shown that to us. Remember what happened to Clegg and the Lib Dems, well watch what happens to Labour in the North. Mrs May you are NOT going to derail or go against us, no matter WHAT excuses you make. This country is not yours, nor Sadiq Khans, nor Philip Hammonds, you are custodians supposedly representing the will of the people, so for gods sake get on and do it.

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