Corbyn Branded A ‘Liar’ In New Anti-Semitism Row

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Corbyn is a liar only in so far as he is part of Politics, and as a liar from the Palace of Westminster, he would not stand alone. His problem is that he is dim witted, which makes him ideal as the Labour leader, so he got that right !
    An old saying is THAT YOUR KNOWN BY THE COMPANY YOU KEEP. If he will consort with Terrorists, then their ways will be expected from him, and no, he won’t wield an AK47, he won’t have to. Get enough fools to vote him and his balmy army in, as the next Government, and it’s cheerio Falklands and Gibraltar, shame about the people that have made those places their home, (and don’t mention the British lives that were sacrificed, both ancient and modern, in order that the people could live there).
    I try not to talk politics with Labour supporters, because frankly, life is too short to waste on an unacceptable policy. Although Blair became a war criminal, his time as PM was dull enough to be looked on as Labour Lite. Should Corbyn get in, we will all notice the change for the worse, and be thoroughly embarrassed into the bargain !

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