‘Leave Now’ Petition Close To 100k Despite ‘Widespread Problems’ With Signing

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13 Responses

  1. peter White says:

    we want out now NO to a single Market No to there deals out out out now.

  2. peter White says:

    we want out now NO to a single Market No to there deals out out out now. This is not a a double first time i’v tried

  3. Dee Lane says:

    Let us leave now

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    If you try to find problems, with anything, it is odds on that you will find such problems. That is what Maggie May and her team are doing. Not always, but quite often, it is necessary to take the major decision, and fix problems as they come in sight, and I believe that leaving the EU is indeed one such item. My opinion is that we leave NOW !
    As for glitches in IT systems. I have come across several, and always on items that have strong support in the for, and the against. I don’t buy into the view that they are all technical, due to the amount of traffic produced. An IT spanner can be dropped into the system, but with a limited time span. Those that do the messing, are scared little twerps who are against democratic discourse, but much worse, they are building pressure against the very thing that they wish to stop, and they find that frustration builds, which just makes things a whole lot worse.

  5. Dee Lane says:

    We want out now, no more talking. Let us have democracy, that is what the reformation was about.

  6. Brenda Rattle says:

    I signed the petition yesterday. Luckily I was successful at the first attempt. It must be so frustrating for anyone who has to try multiple times though. We definitely want to get out now and cut all ties with the EU cesspit.


  7. Tina Osborne says:

    We must leave the eu, no transitional periods, out means outn. No deals

  8. thomas foreman says:

    please people we need democracy we voted to leave so i carnt see what the problem is leave with no deal we always done well on our own throughout history not perfect but on our own to trade we need our own laws we need to control immigration we need our border control we need our health service we need our school s WE NEED OUR COUNTRY BACK

  9. Tone. says:

    Theresa May is a Fecking Traitor. She should be lynched.

  10. gilchrist says:

    Have been trying for several days to sign petition but never recieve the e-mail to validate my vote.
    has anyone found out why, conspiracy or glitch.

  1. 5:44 pm, December 18, 2017

    […] news that the ‘Leave Now’ petition has soared past 120,000 supporters, despite significant problems with people signing it, has been hailed by UKIP Leader Henry Bolton as “great […]

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