Farage: British People Being “Taken For Mugs”.

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7 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Always beware of opposition giving praise ! It is a sure sign that your point of view has been ‘handled’ by them, and any agreement reached, is what they had hoped for.
    Maggie May wanted to remain in the EU. So why is she our head negotiator ? On that point alone we are lost in this matter. She wants to be seen as a Democrat, so we will not be a member, as that was the vote result of the people. However, we may well be still under their Courts, and still pay large sums of money to them, only now, as we are not members any more, so we do as we are told. Really good isn’t it ! ? !
    I have always found Conservative Ladies to be something of a joke, with their coffee mornings. They look as though they are listening, but their minds are tight shut to anything slightly non Tory. Now we have one at the top of the tree as PM. Maggie May keeps a foothold on this cloud of Conservative Ladies, rather than come down to earth, with the will to arrange the future of this Nation. If she is kept in place, we can say cheerio to any independence for this country, and an even worse standing within the EU. Good init ! ? !

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    P.S. TO THE ABOVE: Did you notice the words used by that German woman, on the matter of the supreme standing of the EU Justice Courts over our own, post Brexit ? She stated that we had no choice in that matter, and we had to stay under that Justice supremacy.
    The EU would do well to keep her silent, as this British Native has no intention of accepting that. Not now or ever !

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      Interestingly Juncker declared at the announcement of the deal that the ECJ would remain competent which means it will have jurisdiction legally speaking

  3. Myra Shearer says:

    We are Brexiteers. We have been betrayed. At the moment there seems to be nothing we can do to reverse the process that has already been carried out. We need JRM, Nigel Farage and as many staunch Brexiteers as we can get into parliament. The sticking point , of course, is that they have to be either elected or promoted to a place of real authority and that takes time–time which we probably don’t have. I wish I had the solution but I certainly do not. It’s all very depressing. I think we need a new party. A M Watters has spit UKIP in two which doesn’t help.

  4. Anthony Barnes says:

    We should leave as we voted for since let’s just remember what the eu commissioner said after our democratic vote for leaving, he said that the highest majority vote for out has won, what is done cannot be undone it is finished. So neither parliament or the unelected lord’s should have been able to debate us leaving the eu without committing high treason against the true sovereigns of the UK namely us as named in our magna carta and bill of rights that supercedes Henry the eighth as he was a tyrant and why king Charles the first was removed, as it is us sovereigns who decides who wares the crown not parliament or the unelected uneducated imbeciles from the house of Lords. Out of the eu means exactly that.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      There you have it from Anthony. He is not alone, and speaks well for Brexit.
      We have over the centuries, taken power from the Crown, until we have a House of Representatives, the Commons, who we believed were the executive of our wishes. Sadly we now find that to be far from the truth. Parliament has become a power unto itself, with stupid groupings who rage against each other. THIS MUST BE CORRECTED !
      The solution is quite a simple one. VOTE FOR UKIP, as they are the only Party man enough to deal properly with the EU. They could ask what is on offer, and when it transpires that there is no Brexit, we leave under WTO terms, and open trade talks with the Nations of the world, always telling the EU that they know where London is, should they wish to open trade talks. They will have to make an appointment as our negotiators will be very busy.
      Maggie May perhaps has done all that she can, but lets face it, she is a political Jonah, and her decisions are far from sound. By the way, did you hear Juncker and that German woman, say that Britain will have to abide with EUJ, their Courts over ours, no matter what the future holds ! My response is, – In a pigs arse ! – Apologies to the Ladies.

  5. ben says:

    It is very telling the Cabinet have never discussed our end position or carried assessments of post brexit success on different sectors. The only conclusion must be that Theresa May never intended to carry out any Brexit that did not look like remain.

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