Christian Persecution ‘Worsens’ Across The Middle East

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    A lot of costly action has and is being taken towards, what is in effect attempted genocide. An action group in USA, is not enough. UK/GB has done nothing of note, and the EU has perfected the ability to see nothing. Christians are duty bound to give assistance to their Brothers and Sisters in Christ.
    Islam is clearing infidels out of the Middle East, buy murder, rape, crucifixion, beheading and burning live children. No this is not made up, it is happening. The EU must look to itself, but we should do a lot more than giving legal latitude to Muslims in this country by allowing no go areas in towns and cities, and seeing nothing when Sharia Courts are known about. We should clamp down domestically, but also get involved in saving people from genocide.

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