‘Fair’ Or ‘Easy’ Movement? Labour Policy ‘As Clear As Mud’

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Ms. Chakrabati had a go at telling us what Labour Party thoughts were, if they became the Government. Now be fair on this. Labour thoughts change with the wind, and are a huge muddle. It’s like trusting your arm to the very bottom of the swill bucket, in the hope of pulling something out that is half sensible ! This is a Party that purports to speak for the so called ‘working class’. but as their support is not guaranteed, policy is up in the air and the majority that is seen will pull the Party their way. Ms. Chuckerbutty was being asked an impossible question ! ! !
    One thing can be taken from her answer, if your so inclined, is that immigration should not stop for people with skills that we need. This would seem to suggest the requirement of a points system, and proper border controls. Now I wonder where I have heard that idea ! ? ! Could this be yet another example of the good sense of UKIP being grabbed, this time by Labour ? We may not have a member in the House of Commons, but UKIP is being used as a Think Tank by the other Parties, in place of their own Think Tanks. This could be seen as progress !

  2. jenny harvey says:

    she might believe what she says but Corbyn says what he thinks you want to hear. The floodgates will open if he gets into power while on the subject why a peerage anti semitism is rife in the labour party and as for students not being part of the immigration number of course most foreign students go home never having paid a penny in fees where our gradutes have tens of thousands to pay back. labour party sucks for dick heads

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