The Benefits Trap. Gauke’s Social Engineering at its Most Devious.

The ones most responsible!

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Many Thanks Mr. Holland. I was able to follow your thoughts with no problem, and naturally agree with you.
    Now if I can follow, why not make a presentation to The House of Commons. It is clear that they require as many facts as possible, as Party dogma has robbed them of clear thought. The Labour Party could do with your teaching, due to them being dragged from their core belief, to something else, by Blair, then dragged back to a core belief by Corbyn, but with added nonsense. Parliament needs a good opposition for it to work, and at the moment, that Party is not giving value. – And they talk of being the Government !

    • PJW Holland says:

      Thank you Mike. I believe more can be achieved by setting out thoughts in writing and publishing them. There is never any shortage of people willing to steal ideas… The pity is politicians never try to obtain clarification from the original authors but instead proceed to make a dog’s dinner of everything they touch. None of the political parties represented in the House of Commons have an ounce of intellectual capability between them at present. There is a major opening for a new political force… Will UKIP be able to fill the role?

  2. John Wright says:

    PJW Holland’s article is the most erudite, accurate & meaningful “State of the Nation” comment I have read in many long years! It perfectly demonstrates the complete absurdity of Government thinking for practically a generation & the undeniable fact that from the mid sixties & especially the seventies to the present time, the very means for the vast majority of our population to work & thrive has, either been sold off, given away or completely destroyed? Why any Country, but particularly Britain should exacerbate a dreadful financial legacy from two World Wars by essentially “flogging off” the means for renewal, re-generation & revival is beyond me, but this is precisely what our Governments did? Undoubtedly, the colossal debt Britain & our Allies, (with the exception of the USA!) had to swallow in order to fight these unwelcome Wars was never recovered, indeed just one Nation honoured it’s debt to our Country & this was Finland! The rest ignored their indebtedness & many now make up the bulk of the EU member States? If this isn’t the biggest insult!, with Britain handing these self same Nations staggering sums of our money for Membership of an already defunct & irresponsible organisation who in truth, should be reminded of & persuaded to discharge their debts, before remotely expecting Britain to continue building it’s ever increasing debt mountain in supporting them?
    Our Politicians have for many, many years demonstrated their ineptitude & cowardice but they ofcourse, blame the ordinary working Man? It’s remarkably easy to do?

    • PJW Holland says:

      Thank you John. I live with a Finn. The Finns have a rather curious attitude to their role in the Second World War. One thing they are adamant about: Never trust a German with matches!

      The Finns learned how the Germans treat their allies. Their forests were burned to the ground. Their forests are their primary source of wealth.

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