Farage: Corbyn “Shamefully Dishonest” With The Electorate

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I guess Corbyn is the leader that the Labour Party deserve. He is both for continuance of membership of the EU in all but name, and ( long term now ), a Brexiteer. You can’t get better than a man of principal like that, can you ? Just as a matter of interest, where does that leave life-long Labour supporters ? Perhaps they could make the change to their voting with UKIP !
    I know that politics can be a mucky business, but a Party leader that will follow whichever faction of his own Party that seems to be in the ascendancy, is not a leader at all, he is a follower ! THIS IS A PRIME EXAMPLE OF SOMEONE PUTTING HIS OWN CAREER AND PARTY, WAY AHEAD OF NATIONAL INTEREST. AND IT SHOWS !

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