Will Labour Back A Second Referendum?

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    It has to be stated Darrell, that the Fathers of the Labour Party, who were a decent group of guys, would not be content with just turning in their graves, but would come and knock the stuffing out of Corbyn & Co. today.
    We have both commented on Orwell’s Animal Farm, which gave good history of the rise of Communism in Russia, but most worryingly is now seen by many to fit today’s Labour Party. In fact it could encompass the whole of the Commons !
    Has this Nation been dragged so far into Europe, that we now keep voting until we give the right answer ? This happened to the Republic of Ireland, which for me was a bit to close for comfort. We British are asked a question, we consider, and then we vote. The matter is then resolved. It is called Democracy. The EU should try it !

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