‘Treacherous Demons’ – LBC Caller BLASTS Labour Over Brexit Betrayal

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    James from Clapham, your a star ! Sir, I have to backtrack a little in my remarks concerning Labour supporters. and you have provided me with excellent fact on that. The Party is in a mess, and come to think about it The Commons are in a mess, but when Government asks us to vote on an important item, I believe that they are then duty bound to take such a decision as their immediate work to do. Otherwise, what was the referendum held for ?
    We all voted to LEAVE the EU. The ballot was very clear on that, and it is totally impertinent of MPs, that we elected, to try to tell us otherwise, and the turn about by Labour has put them out of the running for Government. The Tory’s are heading that way as well. It is just as well that UKIP has a little time to pull itself together before a General Election !

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