Kurten: Primary School Sex Ed Material; “Explicit And Grossly Inappropriate”

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6 Responses

  1. Pamela Preedy says:

    Maybe they’ll cover paedophilia and other disgusting forms of deviancy next: go all the way and destroy childhood innocence – why not? It’s up to parents to say NO loud and clear.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Mr. Kurten, you are making life difficult for yourself, and you may not have a future in politics. You are swimming against the flow, and the flow has become a rip tide, but keep swimming !
    Lessons like these, to primary school kids, are grossly wrong. – ”What a nice baby ! Boy or girl ? – Not that it matters, the State Education system will mess that up for him / her.” Yes, it’s a queer old do these days.
    Thank you for being a lead voice in UKIP Mr. Kurten, and I wish you well with your message of common sense. Have you any knowledge of MPs across parties, that don’t agree with this nonsense ? – They could be useful !

  3. Stanley Cutts says:

    Sounds like good sense on the part of the Peruvian electorate – let’s go for it here!

    We don’t want our little kids’ minds confused by all that stuff at their tender age. Also, maybe we should take a leaf out of the French “code of ethics”, i.e, if the government (or EU) does anything we don’t like, we should take to the streets!

  4. Alan Craig says:

    Spot on David. UKIP should lead a campaign to stop the government sexualising and transgenderising our pre-pubital kids. Let them get on with being kids not ideological fodder for lefties

  5. Steve Attwood says:

    I admire Davids and a few others criticism of the left wing and PC indoctrination in our Education system, personally I think this is tantamount to child abuse, for educators, who are given our trust to inform our children’s innocent minds, to then instil their own personal view of life, as fact.

  6. Barrie Greratorex says:

    I have been worried of late that David had not be seen to be seen, if you know what I mean. How pleasing to see he is picking up the banner for all sane decent family loving parents again, the Pied Pipers of PIE are definitely after our children minds(and Bodies) they must be exposed and stopped, the mention from Peru is certainly some encouraging news. So more power to your elbow David, and I for one, look forward to your well informed well articulated future declarations on Education, you are much needed.

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