spain flag on broken brick wall and half catalan flag, vote referendum for catalonia independence exit national crisis separatism risk concept

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  1. John Wright says:

    Farrell Goodliffe’s article on the Catalan Independence movements historic winning of 37 seats is a turning point in Catalonia’s future! Their President Carles Puigdemont is now my number two hero after Nigel Farage for the following reason. His summing-up of that smug, self inflated, overbearing group of nonentities who strut around that grandiose “palace” in Brussels like they are special & their utterly disfunctional, abusive & uncompromising stance was a joy to read, indeed, it was the perfect put-down. I recommend everyone read it as soon as possible because it will be the perfect Aperitif before the Christmas festivities. Merry Christmas everyone!

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Absolute agreement with you John, and a Happy Christmas to you. Catalonia winning against Madrid, is pretty good, but with one in the eye to Brussels, is even better. Do you envisage the EU pushing for another vote ! ? !

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