LABOUR AT LOGGERHEADS: Hoey Blasts Back As 60+ Labour MPs Rebel

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3 Responses

  1. John Wright says:

    At least Kate Hoey is honest, unlike the majority of her colleagues!, but never in all of the Labour Party’s history has this now growingly irrelevant Political organisation been in such a mess & this will inevitably grow worse! Yes!, they’ve had many quite hefty fights, but the essential glue that bonds a political movement was never in doubt, whereas now, that glue has disappeared & along with it, all cohesion & common sense? Corbyn may think he is in an unassailable position, but by courting the Momentum bully-boys!, he’s given them a green light to continue the down-right destruction of, whatever may be left of the old Labour Party & along with that, Corbyn’s own eventual demise! To be perfectly honest, the Labour Party in it’s current form has for many years been an irrelevance & at long last, ordinary people who still believe in our democracy now recognise this & are seeking an alternative? Since it was a part of Labour’s strategy to decry & deny the existence of UKIP, it may appear odd that many of these people will see the re-booted UKIP as a great opportunity for Political renewal & certainly, they could do far worse? John Wright.

  2. Stanley Cutts says:

    I’ve long been of the opinion that, because we have a democratic electoral system in this country, we get the government we deserve – or at least the government that we collectively voted for. I don’t think that we should underestimate the potential for this feral Labour party to be elected at the next opportunity. There are many reasons for this, for example (1) The youth vote, demonstrated by the swing to Labour after Theresa May’s catastrophic snap election. Like it or not, the young people largely want to remain in the EU. This is because they have no notion or experience of what life was like outside the EU, therefore no idea what present opportunities are likely to present themselves to a post-EU Britain – yes, this is a leap of faith, but all the signs are there to be seen if one only looks further than the end of one’s nose. (2) We still live in a society divided by the old “class” system, and the Tory party do themselves no favours by behaving like toffs and stuffed shirts. They simply don’t have anything to offer the “working class”, and they are therefore branded as the party of big business. This view is particularly prevalent and entrenched in the north of England and Scotland. (3) The immigrant vote, coupled with the deviance of the erstwhile criminal Tony Blair, plus the votes that Gordon Brown bought by swelling the ranks of the Civil Service – how could these people vote for any other party? (4) The unbelievable complacency of the electorate to let our defence systems wither on the vine, in favour of all the “goodies” promised by Jeremy Corbyn. Folly!
    As for UKIP – forget it! It a spent force, largely brought about by the mischievous press and the agressive and questionable moves of the mainstream political parties. We should sustain the Conservative government only to avoid a Corbynist (Marxist) state. Momentum will burn itself out just like the National Front – British people don’t like extremism! The answer is for all voters to arm themselves with information, be active and reactive to shape our government into something we can follow and respect. We, the people must take control. The alternatives are unthinkable…

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    John, I’m totally with you in all aspects of your input. Stanley, I follow your points as well, with one exception. All three of us are aware that the Labour Party is a total mess, and quite frankly somewhat irrelevant. Corbyn is a disaster as a leader, and it shows ! When Blair had the item kicked out of Labour standing, which gave the left, the hope of public ownership of utilities, the Labour Party also got rid of much of its reason for being. Those now thinking of giving their vote to Labour, have to ask themselves, which Labour they support.
    Then look at the Conservatives. They have a woman as PM, who is a bit of a Jonah, with decisions that go wrong, and a guy known as Moggy who is clearly quite able, but the Party is scared to let him have his head. Now Stanley, the item of disagreement that I have with you, is that UKIP is a spent force. I just don’t go with it. Check the history on the run up to WW2. Churchill had muck thrown at him in the press, and was not much liked by the majority of people and politics. The PM got it wrong big time, and Germany wanted to pass UK/GB with the expectation that we could be neutral. Lord Halifax declined taking the lead as PM. Churchill was left as the only option. With the possibilities that now present themselves, with a broken House of Commons, UKIP could be the answer. I’m backing it anyway !

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