Local Mosques Clash With County Council Over Halal Ban

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9 Responses

  1. Stanley Cutts says:

    So now we have the Muslims running our democratically elected councils and their decisions? Insistence of Halal meat is something that comes from a foreign and backward culture. It has no place in our country, and certainly NOT in our schools.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    GEOFF DRIVER: Before turning yourself inside out to appease these Muslims, could you ask yourself just one question.
    WHO RUNS YOUR COUNCIL, is it the elected councilors, or is it Islam ?

  3. Anthony kinsella says:

    This so called problem can be solved quickly. Just cater for the people who want to eat halala and cater for those who don’t. Then everyone is happy. Now if the problem is about how the animals are slaughtered this is a very different issue. But in my opinion we need to cater for everyone.

  4. Peter Hodge says:

    So the Muslims complain that holding to the ban could cause community tensions. So, we must seek to avoid upsetting the Muslim community, but those of us who oppose non stunned meat can be offended with impunity.

    If Muslims do not like the idea that we do not stun animals, they do not have to live here.

  5. Ian Hensman says:

    Mr Driver ..Find some BACKBONE and stand fast do not be dictated to by these medieval interlopers. Also If the moslems wantbto boycott the schoolmmealls stop providing them and save the county money.

  6. Pamela Preedy says:

    There’d better not be a climbdown.

  7. Ceri Jayes says:

    Religious abattoirs in the UK are exempt from laws which apply to non-religious abattoirs. If you believe that animal welfare should take priority over faith tradition please sign my petition to Parliament 200131 which calls for an end to the animal cruelty laws exemptions given to Halal and Shechita slaughter houses.

  8. John Wright says:

    This continual, ever more demeaning & unappreciated lowering of “Our” standards to appease, what a relatively small proportion of peoples who’ve chosen to live in my Country demand? Is unacceptable. Apparently, our religiously contradictory laws weren’t significantly abhorrent to these people when they grabbed the chance to come here originally? So why do our cowardly authorities browbeat us into accepting this grossly cruel & medieval slaughter of animals? Nothing to do with PC or multiculturalism by any chance?

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