Clegg To Be Knighted As Farage Is Snubbed AGAIN

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  1. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    I don’t know why anyone feels the need to comment on the fake system of rewards be they knighthoods or others.
    Most of the time they are handed out in order to continue with deference as a means of controlling the workers.
    Just imagine if gongs weren’t in existence the workforce would have no incentive to behave themselves and show sufficient sycophancy.
    How on earth would a Prime Minister control his cabinet and civil service if he/she was deprived of the means to incentivise and bribe those lower ranks.
    Oh yes the honours system, for many already in well paid jobs, lacks any real merit other than to make a few feel more self important.
    As for poor old Nige well he is best not included. Honours seem only to be for establishment figures, those who have learned to do as they are told.
    Nigel Farage is a rebel in the best possible way and will get his reward in heaven if not on this earth.

    • Alex Gordon says:

      Indeed, after the Coalition ended, it was recognised that Awards were being made for Failure. MPs not re- elected by their constituencies, were compensated with Awards. Clegg’s award for failure was just a bit delayed. Nigel F upset the Establishment, and despite proposing and encouraging the Brexit referendum, would not be held in favour with the Establishment, representing, as they do, a stable but dated hierarchy. Sad, but The Times They are a-changing.

  2. Stanley Cutts says:

    The copious lashings of grace and favour in this country is sickening, especially when it’s bestowed on liars and fools like Nick Clegg.

  3. John Carins says:

    It does make a mockery of the honours system. In a way though by not giving Nigel a Knighthood and giving one to Clegg helps people to see a plain example of the corruption at the heart of the establishment. It validates everything that UKIPers and leavers believe. It will help to recruit others as the scales are removed from their eyes. Is it not time for an alternate “peoples” honours and awards system that competes with the inequity of this establishment stitch-up?

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    The knighthood for Clegg was paid for by the Lib/Dem Party. Almost a total wipe out at the subsequent election, so it just goes to show that saying yes through clenched teeth, gets you the knighthood. Where is Cameron’s ?
    As for Nigel Farage, don’t be silly ! It is the establishment that is in charge of knighthoods, and Nigel was seen to run rings around them. They don’t take that well !
    Just a thought, and a prompt to HRH. The Victorian Order is exclusively her own. – Since Nigel brought back this Nation to the Crown, would it not be appropriate for Her Majesty to award this gift directly ? Of course, HRH is the top of the establishment, but it would underline her individuality from it !

  5. Alex Gordon says:

    IF we had stayed in the EU, our Queen would have been replaced as Head of State by a motley group of six Eurocrats opposed to the whole concept of the Nation State. I guess she “owes him one”, as do we all.

  6. Kevin Jackson says:

    Who actually decides who gets a mention in the queens honours list surely it can’t be the queen she is no fool and to reward Nick clegg for his service in being deputed prime minister is ridiculous,what did he do outside that which he was paid to do it seems the queen has overlooked the one man who stood up to the establishment and actually saved the monarchy had Nigel farage not stepped up to expose some of the plotting that was going on to basically hand over the UK to the absolute control off the eu the monarchy would have been history as there would have been no UK LEFT

    • Alex Gordon says:

      HM would have been replaced as Head of State by one of the Eurocrats if Clegg had persuaded us to stay in the EU. She only kept her job because we voted Leave. I would be very surprised if HM had awarded Cleggy anything!

  7. M.Matthewson says:

    It’s a rotten apple ,and I think Clegg should not be given a knighthood he failed to get a seat,he is a remoaner, a bad loser ,what good had he done to deserve a knighthood.

  8. John Wright says:

    Having read all the above comments & for the first time, I can add nothing whatever to what has been said. It thus becomes obvious that “Cleggy” doesn’t have too many friends which is hardly surprising.
    The problem is, we don’t have a say in his selection, either way, so, as with most of the other dross that currently fills that place, we can only grin or grimace at his joining them.

    • Alex Gordon says:

      WE, certainly do not have any say in the award of honours, but those who DO make the awards,and those who approve them are certainly able to hear what the public are saying and, indeed, thinking. However, wouldn’t it be possible to start a PETITION opposing this award, and even if it were awarded, a wide discussion about it would show those in authority that they do need to think more about the award and rejection of awards. In any case, Cleggy would certainly be aware that he is out of favour.

  9. Pamela Preedy says:

    Let’s hope that whichever member of the Royal Family is unlucky enough to meet smarmy liar Clegg and dub him ‘Cur’, has a little accident with the sword when it is closest to his traitorous neck. QE1 would have put this scoundrel in the Tower and had his head separated from his shoulders. I do hope that QE2 is spared seeing his smug mug in front of her.

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