European Union Blasted Over Christmas Message

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3 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    The EU saying something at Christmas and New Year ! Followed by smart replies from people, that I would naturally get on rather well with ! The difference with me, simple soul that I am, is to utterly disregard, and take as bilge water, the utterances coming from Brussels. Such verbal bilge has no effect upon me, because 17.4 million true Brits took the time to cast a vote, giving clearance from the EU and all its stupidity. With much regret, the Government seems to still be in bed with the EU, but then they would be. – They are not my sort of people ! HAPPY NEW YEAR KIPPERS.

  2. John barker says:

    No doubt the night of book burning is almost upon us. Imprison political opponents, burn the books and seize or destroy any business owned by such political opponents. It all seems very falimiar somehow.

  3. The Swastika in the middle of the flag says it all, no need for further comment.

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