REVIEW OF THE YEAR: JANUARY – Stoke On Trent Campaign Update

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Fiona and Paul, you have some heavy work ahead of you. With the acrobatic twists and turns of the old parties, there are some very disenchanted voters. A by-election is always wonderful, because they don’t change a Government, but the chance is given to the voter, to kick their party where it hurts most, and to register their frustration.
    Due to those factors alone, you both have a very good chance of winning, because disenchantment is running high right now. Heavy work, yes indeed, but that is only the start. Winning is one thing, but keeping the seat is another ! That will take a lot of work from both of you. You have to be seen to be a good representative of your constituency every day. Make sure that all know that your efforts come from UKIP. Work with local events, because it will not be Westminster that keeps you in your place, but the people in the local seat. Also your success will be infectious to all seats in your area, so advancing UKIP. The very best of luck, which you should not need. ADVANCE UKIP NOW !

  2. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    As a loyal UKIP member I can tell you that from where I’m standing the Stoke by-election was a disaster for the party and not just Paul Nuttal. Since he resigned we have not heard a peep from him either in the UK or from the EU parliament.
    To enter a by-election with so many inaccuracies plus a constituency address that was not true is madness. But where were his advisers including the party chairman ? They are all to blame for the debacle and from whence we have still to recover some nine months later.

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