BLAIR THINK-TANK: Eurosceptic Parties To SURGE In 2018

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Leaving aside my detestation of the EU, just for a minute ! Back in the 1970s, the idea of a Common Market within Europe, but with no problems to world trade, had some legs to it, and if it had continued in that way, there would have been no need for a Parliament of Europe. Just one building to accommodate a round table for discussion, used on any occasion as required, when trade agreements needed to be thrashed out.
    Instead of a sober and sensible arrangement like that, we had weird numb-nuts, bringing in European Law Courts that we all have to take as the Supreme Courts. Borders that would eventually disappear and movement of people being unchecked. Then on top of all that, a common passport and a common currency, the latter being seen as proof of the shear stupidity of the whole undertaking.
    Had truth been kept to, rather than the waffle and flannel, we would have been told that some ideas came from the Soviet Union system, with small adjustments, and with the CCCP going under, we would have abandoned such an approach. It seems now that a good many people in the EU Nations have come to that understanding, and the abandonment of Democracy, as a way forward by the Commissars of the EU, is in no way universally accepted.
    Personally I have the feeling that many people across Europe are watching us, and want to see how we deal with Brexit before they commit themselves. All of this therefore indicates, that we would be far better off just leaving, rather than trying to negotiate an impossible deal, and landing ourselves with a huge lump of debt.

  2. The obvious thing to do now is walk away the EU are just going to make a fool of Theresa May .We managed before and we will again only even better without our hard earned money being thrown at them for what???

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