POLL PANNING: ‘United States Of Europe’ MASSIVELY Rejected Across Europe

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    SCHULZ, seems to have shot his mouth off, without doing the necessary work that would give his dream, the legs to be acceptable. A United States of Europe, in effect, would mean a huge mess of people, all claiming to be of one Nation, but with many languages and traditions, that would in time, have to be ‘organized’ by the Commissars of the EU. The very notion that people might not want that, is a thought too far for Schulz & Co., so he has made it clear that non acceptance would result in nations being excluded from his dream !
    His dream, or our nightmare, has hastened the end of the EU by a number of years. Nations with a history to forget, would probably buy into this, but we will be well clear of this mess. This is something that Maggie May would do well to consider, in her so called negotiations. – Why spend time, and consider spending money on something, that has a doubtful future ? Another little German tried to make this work, but he tried to use armed force, and that led to him committing suicide. GET OUT NOW WHILE THE GETTING IS GOOD !

  2. Stanley Cutts says:

    The whole concept of a federal state of Europe is ridiculous. And it shows that France is desperate; what happened to the phrase “Vive la différence!”? We ought to avoid buy-in to this crazy idea from the start. The sooner we can extricate ourselves from membership of this poisonous club – the better, it’s run by nutters !

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