REVIEW OF THE YEAR: APRIL From Bread Basket To Basket Case: Zimbabwe’s Current State

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Although, generally speaking, I am happy for the strings of Empire to be cut, Zimbabwe is a case in point of how it should not be done. Rhodesia was a reasonably well run Nation, and pretty much the bread basket of much of Africa. It is quite reasonable for the home population to want to be rid of the Colonialist white folk, and to run their own Nation, but onto the scene came Mugabe, with only passing interest for the country and the people. He had only the benefit of Mugabe in his mind, and our foolishness of passing him a knighthood, puffed him up to a similar level as the lump of a leader in Uganda.
    Dewan de Swardt is right about Orwell’s Animal Farm, although it would also be correct for Mugabe to speak the words of ‘ All Zimbabweans are equal, but some Zimbabweans are more equal than others.’ I think that it all went bad, back in the time of PM Wilson and Ian Smith, where this country did little to guide matters for the good !

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