REVIEW OF THE YEAR: APRIL Mrs May’s Rabbit Out The Hat

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Well Darrell, I think you hit it on the head rather well, and the same applies now as before. Considerable dissatisfaction is rife throughout the Nation. The old parties are not ringing anyone’s bell right now, and the problem for voters can be of the nature, of ‘is there a Party that mirrors my wishes ?’
    There are those who would vote Tory, even if it were led by Mickey Mouse. In the same way there are those who will vote Labour, even if it were led by Fred Flintstone. ( Oops ! That is too close for comfort ). There are these people who, bless ’em, are unable to think or change, to take account of changed factors.
    I am clear in my own mind that there is not a better time than now, for the success of UKIP, Always discounting the people that are unable to think, and the strange ones who vote the way that Mum and Dad always voted. All Kippers need to get behind the Party, and that means Henry, with the hope of Nigel coming back as well. If that is done in time for the next General Election, the ‘swamp’ will indeed be drained !

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