Farage BLASTS “Bland And Insipid” Career Politicians

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4 Responses

  1. Robert Malyn says:

    Pots & Kettles Pots & Kettles: UKIP is a party with an extremely high percentage of bland & uninspired politicians.
    With the exception of Mr Farage and a few others, most of UKIP MEP’s are complete non entities and incompetents.
    Look at the recent UKIP leadership election, 3 out of the top 4 candidates were not elected representatives.
    Bolton, Waters, Walker & JRE easily out performed Whittle, Coburn, Etheridge & Collins.
    The only elected rep who was impressive was Kurten
    The reason is that Farage & his cronies stifle & strangle talent in UKIP via the highly controlled and undemocratic selection procedure that rewards cronyism & loyalty to Farage over any actual ability.
    Whilst UKIP has delivered Brexit, it has failed to make itself relevant in domestic politics because most of its elected reps are chumps.
    If the elected reps don’t float the boat of the UKIP membership, what hope do they are have of enthusing the wider public?

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      I take your point Robert. It would be good to have some characters in the Party with a bit of zing, similar to Nigel.
      Henry Bolton has ability to lead and look after Party administration, but is still learning how to project himself, in a way that the Party requires. It is difficult to fill the shadow of Nigel Farage, but I think he will make it.
      The relevance of UKIP in domestic politics, has already been felt, with Tory and Labour taking on ideas, floated by our Party, ahead of their own think tanks, and people can see how out of touch these Parties are, with the Brexit issue !

    • Stanley Cutts says:

      Well said Robert. To your colourful assessment of most UKIP elected representatives, I would like to add the following: chancers, opportunists and egotists. And I wouldn’t altogether dismiss Micheal Howard’s famous remarks, citing UKIP’s elite as “cranks and political gadflies”.

      There are just a few however, who show intelligence, a degree of honesty and political talent….just a few. Sadly there are so few that these worthy people have been forced to keep their heads down in order to survive the slings and arrows of their mobster-like colleagues.

      Given that there are just a few UKIP politicians who understand their boundaries and the essentials of their role, there are even fewer who can presently be described as leaders or even potential leaders. The qualities required of a political leader are wide-ranging – and we don’t have much to choose from at the minute.

      Whilst heavyweight idiots like Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn can survive the mischievous press and the acerbic nature of some in their own parties, the leader of UKIP has to be near-perfect, because if they make a gaff or a mistake, it could easily mean many years of obscurity or even curtains for the whole party!

  2. Terry Harkin says:

    Mr Marlyn makes entirely valid comments here about the blandness of UKIP representation BUT fails to address a parallel with the mediocrity of other mainstream Party’s

    Generally, our impressions are drawn from the charisma of Party leaders…..their eloquence and popular convictions. It is uncommon to find the thread of ability and sincerity running consistently through all levels of a Party. Simply look at the conflicts in each of the established Party’s then examine these for deep fracture!

    No, UKIP is not full of chumps and uninspired’s….. it is a “toddler” Party struggling fiercely against itself and a ruthless establishment media.
    Nigel Farage has been the most refreshing of new age politicians with amazing courage and the eloquent ability to pierce the disenchantment of ordinary voters in a hugely important issue of Brexit. He has never claimed further political ambition other than to ramrod Brexit through a barrier of political and other powerful self interests.

    The accusation that Farage and associates stifle and strangle talent in UKIP in favour of loyalty to Farage seems quite unsteady since Mr Farage has stood back from the infighting of leadership and favouritism……True, there has been much “working men’s club” mentality at the “NCO” level.

    In defence of your critique sir…….we are entering an age of populism without shame and enjoying the exposure of “political industry” fuelled by the greed of corporate influence.
    Try sir, to be more sympathetic to our struggle for rebalancing an endangered existence!

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